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Pitch competition

In this dynamic environment, all institutions should be innovative (one of BSC values) to survive into the future. In the era when innovation drives the world economy and nations mobilize resources to engage young innovative minds into entrepreneurship, Boliba Savings and Credit follows suite.

In modern business management, it is not the strong that survive, but the quick to adapt to changes thrive.

Boliba supports new entrepreneurs, hence it sponsored and supported a pitch competition in 2015, out of more than 20 new entrepreneurs that pitched their business proposals,  Roma Reed Basketry  (Pty) Ltd became the first startup company to be financially supported. The company produces clothes reed baskets, reed beds, chairs etc. All the materials used in this business are more or less locally produced.

Mochochonono Mobile Money

The adoption of mobile technology is changing virtually all aspects of consumer behavior.  This presents an unprecedented opportunity for mobile money service for improved service and relationships with both new and existing customers across multiple mobile channels.  With this in mind Boliba is no exception.

Boliba has deployed its Mobile Money banking service in Lesotho in conjunction with local mobile service providers in.  This service will allow Boliba customers to access their accounts remotely and be able to transfer money from one account to another within Boliba, send money to their loved ones and get started with mobile payments in a cost effective way.

Mobile money is a secure and convenient service that gives a fast, affordable way of doing mobile payments, at the comfort of your office/home.

Boliba Mobile money is here to change the way of transacting forever.  Customers can send and receive money, buy prepaid airtime and electronically pay utility bills, monthly TV subscriptions and deposit and withdraw money from any participating store till point.

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